And the Fairy Tale Will Come to Life

Regional news

«Our Children» is a republican charity marathon that has already been holding in Belarus for many years. This year it started on 10th December.

Numerous activities and entertainment programs are organized for children on New Year's Eve. The aim of the campaign is not to leave a single child unattended. New Year and Christmas holidays are special days of the year. It is at this time when children most of all want to see how a fairy tale comes to life, and how wishes and dreams come true.

On 10th December the New Year's charity campaign "Our Children" was launched in our district, as well as in other regions of the country.

A festive event was held near the main New Year tree of the town, where a lot of boys and girls were invited. The children played outdoor games, danced and danced in round dances together with the fairy-tale characters. There was no reason for sadness and despondency. The children's faces shone with joy and happiness. At the end of the holiday Father Frost and the Snow Maiden treated the children to sweets from a magic bag. This was the first, but far from the last, event for children to be held in the main square of the town as part of the campaign «Our Children». It is not the last time when fairy-tale characters will surprise and delight our boys and girls. They will return to them more than once.







Photos by the author.

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