Regional news

Under the sign of Oginsky. Horses and ponies are a new “staff” of Oginski museum
25.01.2019 11:34
During Mikhail Kleofas Oginski’s lifetime his manor in Zalesye was famous for its horse-riding expeditions along the park-ways. The composer’s guests were always sure that they would be invited to admire the sights out of nice carriages or even to join the host in horse riding. Читать дальше
«Lights! Camera! Action!»
19.01.2019 07:47
A film about the first world war is being made in Smorgon. Its scratch is “The forgotten war”. The film depicts the times when the front line was going through our district and for more than two years the town held the line not allowing the German army to get to the East. Читать дальше
Give our hearts to children. Let miracles happen to you
14.12.2018 16:47
A sprinkle of snow was falling outdoors, the sun was shining gently and was trying to see what a boy was doing. The boy sat at the table, opened his album and started to draw a new-year evening. There was a big table with a nice cake and a lot of sweets on it. A large close-knit family were drinking tea with special treats and giving presents to one another. The boy had prepared drawings with greetings for his parents, siblings – special ones for each of them. They were reading these greetings, laughing and slapping hands… Читать дальше
The Puppet Theatre “Batleika” from Zalesye has celebrated its 35th anniversary
12.11.2018 10:21
The national puppet theatre “Batleika” which functions at Zalesye village hall, has celebrated its 35th anniversary this year. In celebration of the event, Zalesye village hall opened its doors for all the people who had ever been involved in the puppet theatre. Alexander Los, one of the founders of this theatre, became a visitor of distinction at the celebration. Due to his work the theatre was ranked as national. Читать дальше
Researchers, scientists, politicians about the lessons of the First World War
02.11.2018 14:36
Pupils of the gymnasium met the participants of the second day’s international conference “The First World War – pages of history” and gave them a tour around their folk history museum. The young guides spoke vividly and emotionally about valuable exhibits and then invited the guests to the plenary meeting. Читать дальше
Personality. Equal mark
17.10.2018 07:01
When I offered Eduard Kluisha to meet so that I could write some material about him, the boy was in doubt: «Is it worth writing about me again? I mean I have been written about several times. Moreover I am a modest guy». Читать дальше
Poets of our small motherland. Our man in Scotland
18.09.2018 07:52
What (or who) can associate Smorgon with the International Book Festival in Edinburg? The festival that is one of the largest in the world has been held since 1983, but authors from Belarus never presented their works there. And could we just imagine that the first writer to take part in the festival would be from Smorgon? Tatyana Skarynkina admits that such thoughts have never come to her mind. Читать дальше
A bunch of flowers and music
25.08.2018 19:52
On the 25th of September Mikhail Kleofas Oginski’s  estate museum celebrated the anniversary of the composer’s birth.  The grand festival “Dahlias to Mikhail’s birthday” was held here. Читать дальше
AN ECHO OF EVENTS: Under the sigh of Lyaliva
19.08.2018 21:59
It is 633 years since the time when the Krevo Union was signed. But even today those tragic and mysterious events more and more often attract attention of both historians and ordinary Belarusians. Читать дальше
Аnnouncements of cultural events in Smorgon
16.08.2018 07:25
August 26th, 14.00 –  “The festival of flowers” (Village hall “Voistom village hall”) Читать дальше