Regional news

In Grodno met a 20-thousand visa-free tourist
18.05.2018 09:52
The jubilee guest was a resident of the German city of Oldenburg. Читать дальше
The 11th Festival of National Cultures in Grodno
17.05.2018 13:45
The unique multi-cultural festival, whose history began in 1996, has turned since then into a calling card of the Belarusian city of Grodno and one of the major cultural and tourist brands of the country. Читать дальше
Time and people: Descendant of princely family
16.05.2018 10:57
At the beginning of the summer in 1917 the Imperial Guard officer of the 14th Emperor’s Royal Rifle Prince Irakly Tumanov arrived at the small station of Zalesye for serving military obligations in the Grenadier Division that was fighting battles near Smorgon. Читать дальше
Regional news: Oginski Estate
15.05.2018 14:47
Zaleski palace and park ensemble - a monument of architecture of XVIII - XIX centuries. Читать дальше