The torchbearers and the guests of the relay race shared their impressions

Спорт и туризм
The 50-day relay race “Flame of Peace”, which started on the 3rd of May in Rome, goes through the significant places of Belarus. For Smorgon the relay race with the fire became a unique, unlike any other, event. The 23rd of May will be written in the history of sports life as an independent substantive page. This day will always be remembered by the participants and the guests of the festival. They shared their emotions with the reporters of the newspaper “Svetly Shlyakh”.

Lyudmila, Natalia, and Svetlana:


- We are proud of Belarus. It’s very pleasant and honorable to take up the torch “Flame of Peace” in Smorgon region. Not every region is extended such a courtesy. I’m glad that I am taking part in this great event.  

- Such a beautiful torch relay…This huge sports event takes place in Belarus this summer. I liked everything in Zalesye. The only we need is to wish good luck to our sportsmen. We hope they won’t let us down and will make a good showing.

- This event has already made its mark in the history of Belarus and Europe. A lot of children were here today. It was important for them to see how the pages of history are written right in front of their eyes. The fact remains that knowing the history of their country and following its traditions children will be active citizens of Belarus.



- The organizers are cool. They prepared a wonderful festival for people. Everything was festive. We are happy that we managed to watch the fire of the Second European Games which will soon be lit in Minsk. The mansion itself contributes to the festival. The mood is great! I will follow the course of the Games. I’m planning to watch some kinds of sport alive.

Sergey Konstantinovich, Tatyana Sergeevna:


- I am proud of Zalesye because it had the honour to take in “Flame of Peace”.  Today all Europe was able to see this place.  

- I live in Russia but cheer for Belarus in all the competitions. So, during the II European Games I’ll support the Belarusians too. 

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