Visa-free regime: People come to us from abroad for medical treatment

Regional news

It has now become even easier for citizens of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland to receive medical services in Belarus as there is a visa-free regime for neighboring countries.


‘During the six months of this year 115 foreign citizens have applied to the central regional hospital for medical care both outpatient and inpatient,’ notes Natalya Tupeko, the Deputy Chief Physician of the Central Regional Hospital. ‘ By the way the number of requests increased by about 10% for the past month. Probably this is due to the fact that citizens of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland have the right to visa-free entry to Belarus. Medical examinations, ultrasound examinations and laboratory diagnostic services are the most popular among foreigners.’

By the way the Smorgon CRH provides a wide range of medical services for foreign citizens: diagnostic tests, computed tomography, ultrasound tests, laboratory diagnostics, examination and consultation of a specialist doctor, inpatient treatment in wards of increased comfort (in the therapeutic, cardiological, neurological, surgical, traumatology and medical rehabilitation departments), physiotherapy, massage, electrical and light therapy, hydrotherapy (underwater shower massage), thermotherapy in a SPA capsule, contactless hydro massage, as well as medical examinations for traveling abroad, the right to use arms, when applying for a job, the right to drive a vehicle and others.

More detailed information about the services provided and their cost can be found on the website of the Smorgon Central District Hospital in the Services section, as well as by calling us: +375 1592 4-67-89 (the Head of the Regional Hospital Olga Vladimirovna Vitkovskaya) and +3751592 2-49-02 (the Deputy Chief Physician of the Central Regional Hospital Natalya Alexandrovna Tupeko).


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