In Secondary School No. 5 They Began to Modernize the Facade

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Work continues throughout the country to repair and modernize educational institutions. Within the framework of the project “Modernization of the Education System of the Republic of Belarus” the World Bank for Reconstruction and Development is providing financing. Not so long ago a major overhaul of the gymnasium building in Smorgon was completed. Secondary school № 5 is now the next in line.

“We are lucky to be included in the republican investment program,” says the director of the institution, Raisa Zakharich. - The architectural and design workshop of the Smorgon regional executive committee has prepared a project to modernize the facade of the school. The project is interesting and we immediately approved it. Our main customer is the capital construction department of Smorgon district. The tender for the execution of all works was won by the contractor LLC EcoDomus. It is planned to insulate the facade of the school that will be beautifully finished. Currently equipment and building materials have been delivered. From the side of the extension, preparatory work has already begun. They start from the southern side, because this part of the building will be ready faster, as it warms up well in sunny weather.

- Classroom parenting meetings have already been held throughout the school. Pupils’ parents have been informed about the start of renovation work and about some certain inconveniences that we all will have to face soon. Now the entrance to the school is through the main foyer. When modernizing the central entrance it will be possible to enter the building from the side of the extension. Safety talks have been held with both students and their parents.

Raisa Iosifovna believes that if all the work has been done according to the plan and the weather is favourable it will be possible to talk about the opening of the school in new decoration at the end of May. Secondary school No. 5 with light tones of the facade and colorful ends will harmoniously fit into the residential development of the Vostochny microdistrict.


Natalia RYLEVA

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