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Communal Unitary Enterprise “Smorgon Casting and Mechanical Works” (KUP “SLMZ”) at the present time specializes in the production of a wide range of iron structural casting.

The works started in 1946 as a bay of the Smorgon District Integrated Industrial Plant. In 1952 there was a melting furnace cupola type with productivity 1 ton of liquid metal per hour installed and the foundry started: small iron casting such as bushings and hubs, straw-choppers parts, stove casting and canalization hatches. Then there was a need to increase the volumes of production and to expand the nomenclature. In connection with that, in 1972 the low-productivity cupola was replaced by two ones with higher productivity: 5 tons of liquid metal per hour each and the foundry shop was put into the two-shift operation.

Starting from January 1, 1981, the casting and mechanical workshop got the status of an industrial enterprise and the “Smorgon Casting and Mechanical Works”.

Now, the enterprise stands firm in the market of iron casting but to keep on this position under the modern conditions of keen competition and arising new demands of the market, we renew our production equipment, increase the level of mechanization of the workers’ labour and expand the range of the products, get out into the foreign markets.

In 2008 the both of cupolas and the cleaning system of dust and effluents were replaced by the new ones. In 2009 and later on we are planning to re-equip the bay of casting of liquid metal in the casting workshop, to re-design the scrap-breaker for iron, to renew the stocks of the motor-vehicles and the machines in operation.

In the period from 2001 till 2009 the enterprise put into production 35 new kinds of products including 7 ones in 2008.

At the present time the enterprise has the Certificate of Conformity of Introduction of Quality Management System STB ISO 9001-2001.

To meet the demands of STB ISO 9001-2001, KUP “SLMZ” aims at the development of the industrial base, increase of the products quality, volumes of production of the competitive and profitable goods.



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